These are the 9 best beaches in Malta

If Brangelina honeymooned here, it must be good, right? Well, in this case, we think so. This small but perfectly formed pebbly beach at the end of a meandering valley on Gozo’s south coast is the stuff of romantic novels. Get there via a well-laid lane running along the valley’s edge from the village of Xewkija, before descending very steeply to the beachfront. Overlooked by a couple of hillside villas, and with an iconic battery tower perched at the valley’s entrance, the views are arresting w

Budget trip in the UK: our top recommendations | Skyscanner

Many of the UK’s most vibrant cities are bursting with wallet-friendly offerings. From the country’s capital to its northern rivals, here’s how to enjoy a budget trip in the UK

The capital might be known for its luxury hotels and award-winning theatre shows, but if you know where to look, the Big Smoke boasts a variety of cheaper options for a fantastic budget trip in the UK.

Start with London’s many green spaces. Regents Park has picture-perfect flower beds and a waterfowl-dotted lake, but al

Last minute holiday ideas to take you away in 2023 | Skyscanner UK

Spur-of-the-moment getaways can make the best kind of holidays, so why not treat yourself with a last minute escape to somewhere special this season?

It’s been proven that spontaneous travel can make us happy, and thankfully, there are a range of delightful destinations just waiting to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re considering a family trip in the school holidays, a sunset-filled romantic escape or a timely solo sojourn, we’ve got last-minute holiday ideas for every contingency.


Bucket list destinations not to miss in 2023 | Skyscanner UK

Head to these dream destinations and make some once-in-a-lifetime memories

As we shake off the hangover from the pandemic, it’s the ideal time to book those bucket list trips you’ve been just itching to take. A bit rusty on where to go? We’ve got it covered, from luxury escapes in exotic destinations to wanderlust-sating adventures at the edge of the world. These are the epic experiences you don’t want to miss in 2023.

1. Take the Polar plunge in Antarctica

Kayak between crumbling icebergs, c

13 Airbnbs with glorious views

It’s no exaggeration to say that a view can make or break a holiday, so whatever your picture postcard tastes – snow-capped mountains, terracotta tiled rooftops, sapphire seas stretching into the distance – it’s imperative to sort out the scenery. Thankfully, Airbnb’s plethora of properties means there’s a backdrop for everyone, and now, thanks to the site’s new ‘amazing views’ filter, finding your perfect match just got easier. So, whether you’re craving tropical palm trees, dramatic cliffs, tw

BA - The Club - How saving money this Black Friday can fuel your next holiday

How saving money this Black Friday can fuel your next holiday Thanks to and some cracking Black Friday deals, getting those Christmas presents sorted early is about to pay off for you and your nearest and dearest. By shopping with us, you’ll not only save money, but also collect up to double Avios on your purchases to put towards your own adventures. So whether you’re dreaming of a winter sun escape in the new year or a family getaway next summer, you can look forward to discount

The cucumber-cool Finnish brands placing sustainable growth over financial success

“Expand? That’s not what we’re here for,” explains Kari Puttonen, the somewhat intriguing founder of Finnish microbrewery, Ant Brew. We’re standing in the neon-clad bar of his pint-sized brewery, tucked within the Malski arts centre of Lahti, a southern Finnish city that won a European Green Capital Award in 2021 for its pioneering approach to sustainability.

Ant Brew was established in a basement by six men (the ‘ants’) in 2019. It produces craft beers, some of which fall under their Wasted Po

Emma Raducanu talks tennis and travel | High Life Magazine

Are you a big coffee person?

Yeah, I love the taste of it. There’s nothing better. I’m quite lucky – travelling to so many places I get to try different cities’ best coffee. I think Australia has really amazing coffee.

How do you stay motivated?

I love the adrenaline of what I do and that keeps me motivated, for sure – that feeling of slight nerves and uncertainty. I find it in driving, too, and actually recently got on the track at Silverstone with Porsche, which was a really fun experience.

Mark Gatiss shares his travel memories with High Life | High Life Magazine

Where do you go on holiday?

My partner Ian and I had a thing for a long time of going away in February or March – the grimmest months – to Malaysia and Mauritius and various places. When I was a kid, I didn’t really like beach holidays because I found them boring, but I love them now. Malaysia was a particularly good one. We went to Langkawi and stayed in this beautiful resort. It was a jungle. It felt like we’d really gone somewhere – not just five minutes down the road, as it were. We had an

The 14 things you have to do in Malta

Gozo’s magnificent cittadella is an ancient acropolis-turned-medieval castle. Now its imposing fortifications shelter multiple churches (including the impressive Gozo cathedral), museums, law courts, WW2 bunkers, old grain silos and even a prison. Most of it is free to walk around, but a mere €5 will grant you access to all the best bits. Chances are an art exhibition and musical event will be on when you stop by too. Either way, finish your tour with a stroll along the battlements, which offer
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Dune actor Chang Chen’s travel stories | High Life Magazine

What was your first trip abroad?

My first trip abroad was to Japan for work – I went to the Tokyo Film Festival when I was 15 years old. Because Japan and Taiwan are very close geographically, my family and I would also go there quite often for holidays. It’s a country that’s always changing and evolving so there’s so much to see every time we go. We’ve travelled to all the big, popular cities but have also explored the lesser-known parts of the countryside over the years. The place that impres

Don't Worry Darling | Picturehouse Recommends

You'd be hard-pressed to find two "buzzier" names in Hollywood than Florence Pugh and Harry Styles right now. Other than Olivia Wilde herself, perhaps, who not only co-stars in Don't Worry Darling but is also back behind the camera after 2019's much-loved coming-of-age comedy Booksmart, which turned her into one of the hottest directing talents of today.

Wilde's sophomore feature-length release has her reuniting once again with Booksmart scribe Katie Silberman (Isn't It Romantic, Set It Up), pr

5 Domestic Psychological Thrillers to Watch Before Don’t Worry Darling

Olivia Wilde’s much-anticipated Don’t Worry Darling (2022) promises to shake up the suburban nightmare subgenre this week with an unsettling drama of domestic bliss that’s not entirely as it seems. With an all-star line-up – including one stadium-filling popstar, Harry Styles, in his first lead role – a trailer stuffed with enough Fifties outfits to have us all running to vintage stores and plenty of festival buzz, it’s set to be quite the movie moment of 2023. Ahead of Don’t Worry Darling’s arr

Where does the show Alba take place? Is Alba any good?

Alba has become the most-watched non-English TV show on Netflix, but what’s Alba about, who’s in it and, crucially, is it any good?

For the uninitiated, Alba is a Spanish-language drama that has climbed high up on the Netflix charts. This dark, tense series revolves around the titular woman, Alba, a woman who discovers she's been the victim of a terrible crime when she wakes up on a beach without any memory of the previous night.

Here's what you need to know about Alba.

Alba tells the story o

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything we know

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds sees Paramount again adding to their expansive Star Trek universe.

Other franchises, to name a few, include Star Trek: Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks and Prodigy.

Following the success of Star Trek: Discovery season 2, and the popularity among Trekkies of a certain Captain Pike (though we suspect actor Anson Mount’s jawline has more to do with it), the Star Trek studio finally gave in to fan demand and green lit this latest spin off.

So, with strange new worlds o

The Flash: release date, plot, cast and everything we know about the movie

For a film about a superfast superhero, the road to release for The Flash has been frustratingly slow. First given the green light way back in 2004 but only scheduled for its big-screen release in 2023, the fastest man alive's first DC Extended Universe (DCEU) solo outing is hoping to add another win to the Marvel rival's patchy box office past.

Based on the titular long-running comic book character, it’s The Flash's most popular variant, Barry Allen, who’s fronting this flick. As with anything

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One): release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything we know

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) is on the way.

As the release of the latest installment in Sony’s animated Spider-Man franchise – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) — looms large, it’s fair to say superhero fatigue remains a myth.

With Spidey’s MCU counterpart Tom Holland helping Spider-Man: No Way Home break box office records, and no less than 10 superhero movie releases due in 2022, demand and anticipation are high.

What’s more, it doesn’t feel like four years si

Curzon - 5 Underseen Robert Pattinson Films to Watch Before The Batman

In the decade since The Twilight Saga wrapped up, Robert Pattinson has been working hard to establish himself as more than just a sparkling vampire with an oh-so-pretty face, and has made a name for himself in independent film thanks to his collaborations with Claire Denis, James Gray and the Safdie brothers, among others. Now, as R Patz and his stellar jawline return to franchise filmmaking with The Batman, there’s no better time to revisit some of the small-scale, unconventional and unfortunat

Actor Nick Offerman remembers his favourite travel experiences | High Life Magazine

The American actor, author and skilled woodworker opens up about kabuki bonfires, having a whisky named after him and Tasmania’s most ‘bonkers’ art museum…

Who are you and where you are right now?

My name is Nick Offerman and I am in Los Angeles, sitting on top of a hill looking out across the mountains.

When was your first trip abroad?

Gosh, I know it well, strangely. I am from Illinois, right in the middle of America, and the first commercial flight I took was so I could tour a kabuki sho

Outlander actress Caitriona Balfe reveals her favourite travel memories | High Life Magazine

What’s been your favourite travel experience for work?

One that’s really memorable is when I went to India on a photoshoot. We did this whirlwind trip within four or five days that started in Goa, and then we ended up driving at night to a place called Hampi, which is a Unesco site and is absolutely stunning. We did everything from staying in a really western place in Goa to a very budget place in Hampi, and then ended up in a luxurious resort along the coast for the last couple of nights. It w

Star Trek: Discovery star Shazad Latif talks travel | High Life Magazine

What do you miss most when you’re away?

The first thing I did when I got to Australia was buy a bag of tea. I had to do a two-week quarantine when I got here so I bought lots of tea bags. I love tea. I’m an Assam kinda guy. That aside, I’d say a long autumn walk is what I miss. Going for long walks, stopping off at a pub, watching canal boats. I do love London. It’s such a great city. We have good parks.

Have you ever accepted a role because of where it’s shooting?

No, I’m not big enough yet

Five Oscar-winning destinations | High Life Magazine

Arguably the movie that brought wuxia (a film sub-genre about ancient Chinese martial arts) to the West, Ang Lee’s highly choreographed masterwork made the most of China’s vast and varied topography. Shot in part at the world’s largest film studio in Hengdian, much footage was also captured on location, including the film’s most iconic scene: a mid-air sword fight between Jen Yu (Ziyi Zhang) and Li Mu Bai (Yun-Fat Chow), which took place among the towering grasses of Mukeng Bamboo Forest in east

Curzon - The Seven Best Bond Theme Songs Of All Time

No film franchise is more synonymous with chart-topping tie-ins than James Bond, and this month, with Daniel Craig hitting screens as the superslick superspy for the final time to the dulcet tones of Billie Eilish’s title song No Time To Die, we reflect on some of the franchise’s most successful singles. Featuring the likes of Paul McCartney, Shirley Bassey and Adele, these are the seven best Bond songs from across the franchise’s 58-year history.

Even those who have never seen a Bond film will

BA - The Club - Plane spotting: British Airways in the movies

The first four minutes of Ken Annakin’s Paper Tiger could be mistaken for a well-executed Boeing ad. With sunset-backed take-offs, hazy runway long shots and above-the-cloud views of the iconic 747 – all accompanied by a sweeping score by Roy Budd (Get Carter, Who Dares Wins) – it’s enough to stoke a tear or two. It’s also a suitably grandiose start to a film bearing the heft of 1970s mega-stars David Niven and Toshirô Mifune, even if the movie itself didn’t quite live up to critics’ expectation

Curzon - True Crime Movies to Watch Before House of Gucci

Killing sprees and homicides, money laundering and theft... real-life misdemeanours are always tantalising on the big screen. Ahead of this month’s House of Gucci, starring Lady Gaga as a fashion-mogul murderess, we take a look at some of the best crime movies based on true stories.

All the money in the world (2017)

Renowned for its last-minute leading-man swap – with Christopher Plummer taking over Kevin Spacey’s role – Ridley Scott’s retelling of billionaire penny-pincher John Paul Getty’s r

Dune director Denis Villeneuve's favourite filming locations | High Life Magazine

He may shy away from being labelled an auteur, but when Denis Villeneuve makes a movie, it’s hard to look at the screen and not know it’s his. The Oscar-nominated Canadian filmmaker is known for his challenging stories and distinctive visual flair, the latter established in no small part by his deft choice of filming locations. Ahead of his latest release – the star-studded epic sci-fi Dune – we take a look through his back catalogue and celebrate the places behind the plots...

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